The Power of Privacy and AI Governance: Insights from Beatrice Botti
In a recent episode of the ODSC’s Ai X podcast, Beatrice Botti, the Chief Privacy Officer at DoubleVerify, shared her insights on the evolving landscape of privacy, AI governance, and risk management. Beatrice’s extensive experience in law and technology provides a unique perspective on these critical... Read more
Explainable AI Models for Transparent Decision-Making in Cybersecurity
Sometimes, the strengths of artificial intelligence (AI) are also its weaknesses. Its inability to remain interpretable despite confidently outputting insights could significantly weaken your organization’s security, hindering its ability to defend against cyber threats. Can developing explainable AI models circumvent these risks?   AI’s Role in... Read more
ODSC East 2024 Keynote: Mozilla’s Abeba Birhane Social and Ethical Implications of Generative AI
As AI systems become increasingly embedded in our daily lives, ensuring these systems are robust, fair, accurate, and just has never been more critical. In a thought-provoking keynote at ODSC East 2024, Abeba Birhane of Mozilla delves into generative AI’s social and ethical implications. Her insights... Read more
What is AI Washing and Why is it a Concern?
A new term has emerged, capturing the attention of industry insiders and regulators alike: AI washing. This term has been coined to describe the misleading practice of overemphasizing AI capabilities in products or services, often resulting in consumers believing that the product being paid for uses... Read more
Strategies for Implementing Responsible AI Governance and Risk Management
With the rapid advancement of AI across the globe and across industries, concerns related to privacy and safety involving AI systems are becoming a hot topic. Currently,  there’s a growing emphasis on not just the technological advancements but also on how these technologies are implemented in... Read more
Establishing Standards for Responsible Generative AI
With the rapid advance of AI across industries, responsible AI has become a hot topic for decision-makers and data scientists alike. But with the advent of easy-to-access generative AI, it’s now more important than ever. There are several reasons why responsible AI is critical as the... Read more
Debug Object Detection Models with the Responsible AI Dashboard
At Microsoft Build 2023, we announced support for text and image data in the Azure Machine Learning responsible AI dashboard in preview. This blog will focus on the dashboard’s new vision insights capabilities, supporting debugging capabilities for object detection models. We’ll dive into a text-based scenario... Read more
Fair and Explainable Machine Learning
Application of Machine Learning in ambits such as medicine, finance, and education is still nowadays quite complicated due to the ethical concerns surrounding the use of algorithms as automatic decision-making tools. Two of the main causes at the root of this mistrust are: bias and low... Read more
Responsible AI is Not an Option. Here’s How You Can Achieve it
If you’re attending ODSC West you’re acutely aware of the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is today widely used to inform and shape business strategies and services. You’re probably also aware that the decisions made by AI algorithms can appear callous and even careless. But it... Read more
Open-Source Assessment is Critical for the Future of Responsible AI
Artificial intelligence’s technological sophistication and industry reach continues to evolve rapidly, which has prompted a movement to ensure that these systems are used responsibly. The broadest goal of Responsible AI (RAI) is to recognize the expansive consequences of AI systems, and adapt the development and management... Read more