Multi-Modal Approach for Robotic Manipulation Tasks
Editor’s note: Alishba Imran is a speaker for ODSC West 2021. Be sure to check out her talk, “Machine Learning and Robotics in Healthcare Devices and Rehabilitation,” there! Contact-rich manipulation tasks in unstructured environments are especially complex to train and perform for machines and robots today.... Read more
An Interactive System for Spatial Relations
Systems that track and detect objects (or, more specifically, people) have been in the news a lot. The media and the general public are starting to worry about what may happen with these technologies: cue discussions about China and Black Mirror. While these end results are,... Read more
Redefining Robotics: Next Generation Warehouses
People picture robots changing to look more like humans, but in reality, the evolution of robotics involves things you can’t actually see. For Bastiane Huang at Osaro, the development of robots means greater advances in autonomy. Building brains for robots gives them more flexibility for tasks... Read more