2021 Trends Data Scientists Should Follow
I read analyst reports to keep myself up to date with what is going on in the analytics and AI world. An analyst report offers an unbiased, side-by-side, third-party evaluation of the technology in the market. I trust them because I have lived through the rigorous... Read more
The Continuing Path of Data Science Maturity
2020 was a real outlier in data terms. None of us could have predicted most of the year’s trends and developments. I spend a lot of time engaging with organizations to help them use data science and AI to improve their business and create value. In... Read more
How to Plan an Optimal Tour Using Network Optimization
A good public transportation system is crucial to develop smart cities, particularly in great metropolitan areas. It is essential in maintaining the flow of its residents’ daily commutes and allows tourists to easily move around the city. Public transportation agencies around the globe openly share their... Read more