Starting and Scaling New AI Ventures, Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp
Recently, a PWC report claimed AI to be a mammoth contributor to the world’s economy and for all the right reasons. Most processes we see around us have the capacity to be more efficient and productive by removing the human element out of them, increasing efficiency... Read more
Is Your Business Ready for AI Adoption? How to Know for Sure
The problem with new tech is that adopting it is full of uncertainty. Even if you’ve moved into a leadership position from data science, knowing how and when to implement AI adoption from a business perspective is challenging. You need to move forward, but you also... Read more
AI and Small Business: It’s Not Just for Enterprises
Small business is the backbone of the US economy, creating as many as two out of three new jobs each year. Corporations get a lot of glory for implementing the latest shiny tech, but implementing AI and small business could make the biggest recipient of the... Read more