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Understanding the Chief Data Officer – Julie Steele ODSC Boston 2015

Understanding the Ch...

As the importance of having a data strategy in place is sinking in, many organizations have added a chief data officer (CDO) to their executive team to help create and implement that strategy. But every organization is doing this a little bit differently. This talk will describe how a variety of industries and organizations are […]

Machine-in-the-loop for Knowledge Discovery – Max Kleiman-Weiner ODSC Boston 2015

Machine-in-the-loop ...

I’ll present the new knowledge discovery tools we are building at Diffeo. Unlike traditional search engines that use keywords, Diffeo provides an in-browser knowledge base that accelerates information gathering about people, companies, chemical compounds, cyber events, or other real world entities. I’ll describe how Diffeo uses active learning to encourage long and deep user interactions […]

API Driven Development: How I Build Things and Why – Kenneth Reitz ODSC Boston 2015

API Driven Developme...

An exposé on human-centered design, as related to data science and “medium data”. Examples of great API design will be showcased, as well as other end-user facing tools that can enable data scientists to share their observations with the world. Presenter Bio Kenneth Reitz is the product owner of Python at Heroku and a fellow […]

Using Python with Apache Storm and Kafka – Keith Bourgoin ODSC Boston 2015

Using Python with Ap... As Python gains more and more traction in data science, the ability to interact with large scale data processing systems has greatly improved. Instead of being limited to what can fit on one’s laptop or having to wait for a Hadoop job to complete, we can now tap into streaming datasets using systems like […]

Mobile Technology Usage by Humanitarian Programs: A Metadata Analysis – Rashmi Dayalu ODSC Boston 2015

Mobile Technology Us...

CommCare, developed by Dimagi Inc., is an open-source mobile technology platform that supports hundreds of humanitarian frontline programs worldwide.The objective of this analysis is to demonstrate how CommCare metadata contains a wealth of information that can inform humanitarian programs in their use of mobile technology. This understanding can help programs determine the most effective way […]

Will Data Scientists Face Extinction – Alex Cosmas ODSC Boston 2015

Will Data Scientists... Presenter Bio Alex Cosmas is a Chief Scientist in Booz Allen Hamilton’s Strategic Innovation Group, specializing in predictive analytics across the travel, hospitality and consumer sectors. He is a recognized expert in the use of probabilistic and causal models to perform both deductive and inductive reasoning from large datasets. He has consulted for Fortune […]

Productionizing Deep Learning from the Ground Up – Adam Gibson ODSC Boston 2015

Productionizing Deep...

Presenter Bio Adam Gibson is the founder of and is a deep­ learning specialist based in San Francisco assisting Fortune 500 companies, hedge funds, PR firms and startup accelerators with their machine learning projects. Adam has a strong track record helping companies handle and interpret big real­-time data. Adam has been a computer nerd […]

Using Open Source Solutions in Sports Business Operations – Matthew Wills ODSC Boston 2015

Using Open Source So...

This presentation will overview how the Grizzlies apply the use of R to their sales and marketing business operations. From basic data manipulation, to statistical modeling and enhanced visualization, the Grizzlies utilize R as a tool that efficiently positions data and research in a consumable and interactive way for analysts and C-level executives across multiple […]

Agile Data – Chris Bergh ODSC Boston 2015

Agile Data – C...

To rephrase an old saying: ‘It takes a village to raise an Analyst.’ Data Analysts and Scientists are working in teams delivering insight and analysis on an ongoing basis. So how do you get the team to support experimentation and insight delivery without ending up in an IT Engineer vs Analyst vs Data Governance war? […]