Generate Synthetic Data to Test LLM Applications
In this blog, we will walk through the popular topic “Synthetic Data” in the context of LLM testing and evaluation. We will cover: Benefits of using synthetic data to test (and stress test) LLM-based applications. How to generate and use synthetic data for testing Examples of RAG and Agent synthetic... Read more
How Synthetic Data Can Be Used for Large Language Models
Large language models are at the forefront of the minds of many when they think of any type of artificial intelligence. What makes them tick is that these models are trained on massive amounts of text data. Often the sources of much of this data are... Read more
The Expanding Importance of Synthetic Data 
Working with synthetic data has long been a benefit for data scientists. For example, R data scientists can use the rnorm() function in base R to generate random numbers that adhere to the normal (Gaussian) probability distribution. Python data scientists can do the same with np.random.normal... Read more