8 Ways that LLMs and Generative AI are Changing Hardware
With large language models and generative AI reshaping the digital landscape, what isn’t talked about enough is how these technologies have also revolutionized and significantly shifted the landscape of hardware requirements. As these sophisticated AI models become more integral to a myriad of applications—from natural language... Read more
Data Science Applied to Wearables: Can Your Watch Help You Improve Your Lifestyle?
This post discusses data science applied to wearables and asks: Can your watch improve your lifestyle? Activity trackers have made the inner workings of our bodies accessible to anyone who’s willing to wear one and wants to know more about their resting heart rate, sleep patterns,... Read more
The Bright Side of Technology in Black Mirror
The technology in Black Mirror isn’t actually all about death and nihilism. The British anthology sci-fi show Black Mirror (created by Charlie Booker and Annabel Jones) tackles technology in almost all of its episodes. With a varying degree of realism, implied moral take-aways, and success, the show seems... Read more