The AI Ethics Boom: 150 Ethical AI Startups and Industry Trends
The demand for ethical AI services (including terms like “explainable AI” or “responsible AI”) has skyrocketed, in part due to some of the troubling practices employed by large technology companies. Everyday media is full of news of privacy breaches, algorithmic biases, and AI oversights. In the... Read more
The Toolkit Approach to Trustworthy AI
Editor’s Note: Kush R. Varshney is a speaker for ODSC East 2022. Be sure to check out his talk, “A Unified View of Trustworthy AI with the 360 Toolkits,” there! As artificial intelligence (AI) systems are increasingly used to support consequential decisions in high-risk applications such... Read more
15 Open Source Responsible AI Toolkits and Projects to Use Today
Responsible AI, ethical AI, trustworthy AI, and transparent AI are all important topics lately. As more and more companies come under fire for allowing bias in their models or being secretive about their AI, people are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of AI black boxes.... Read more
Best Ethical AI Research for 2021
Ethical AI is a topic that’s on many people’s minds these days. AI that adheres to well-defined ethical guidelines regarding fundamental values, including such areas like unbiased decisioning, individual rights, privacy, non-discrimination, and non-manipulation is a motivating factor in utilizing this important technology. Ethical AI places... Read more