AI and the Visual Revolution
We’ve focused a lot on what AI can do for language processing, but one aspect of AI that’s gaining speed is visual. So much of our data is visual, so using these AI models to parse and work with visual media is a crucial aspect of... Read more
Building an Image Search Service from Scratch
State-of-the-art image search technology uses both natural language processing and computer vision. Traditional NLP tasks like classification, named entity recognition, and translation are being combined with advances in computer vision so as to automate tasks like image captioning and website creation. Exciting as these advances have... Read more
Integrating Textual and Visual Information Into a Powerful Visual Search Engine
GSI Technology recently hosted a panel discussion on visual search at ODSC West 2018. The panel featured presentations from Clarifai, eBay, Google, Walmart Labs/Jet.com, and Wayfair. This blog post summarizes Walmart Labs/Jet.com’s panel presentation from the conference. Their presentation showed how they used Elasticsearch, a popular text search engine,... Read more
7 Tips for Visual Search at Scale
Visual search is a rapidly emerging trend that is ideal for retail segments, such as fashion and home design, because they are largely driven by visual content, and style is often difficult to describe using text search alone. It is a topic of interest to data... Read more
Six Big Companies That Use Visual Search
Companies that use visual search are able to achieve next-level ease and opportunity for people trying to figure things out. Searching with images allows people to find what they’re looking for without having the words to describe it. This is a powerful modern affordance, especially for... Read more