Showcase Your AI Startup at the ODSC West AI Builders Event
The team at ODSC West couldn’t be more excited to announce an all-new in-person event: AI Builders, hosted by Cortical Ventures. Taking place on November 1st, the AI Builders event will give early-stage startups the opportunity to refine their pitches, showcase their organizations, and make new... Read more
TensorFlow Ecosystem for Efficient Deep Learning
Editor’s note: Amita Kapoor is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out her half-day training session, “Deep Learning with Python and Keras (Tensorflow 2),” there! Deep Learning today is a powerful and widely used tool for Artificial Intelligence and... Read more
Pieter Abbeel on Deep Reinforcement Learning
As newer fields emerge within data science and the research is still hard to grasp, sometimes it’s best to talk to the experts and pioneers of the field. Recently, we spoke with Pieter Abbeel, PhD, Director of the Berkeley Robot Learning Lab and Co-Director of the... Read more
Organizational Approaches to Enabling AI Governance
Editor’s note: Ilana Golbin is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November. Be sure to check out her talk, “Emerging Approaches to AI Governance: Tech-Led vs Policy-Led,” there! Consumers and practitioners alike have been calling for accountability and responsibility across AI system development and usage. ... Read more
Top 10 ODSC West Talks Every Data Scientist Should See
ODSC West 2022 is only a little over a month away and we are busy putting the final touches on our lineup of hands-on training sessions, expert-led workshops, and engaging talks. With 300+ hours of content, there will be more than enough to explore. Enjoy this... Read more
A Beginner’s Guide to ggplot2
ggplot2: The gg stands for ‘get graphing’ “Hands down the best way to start learning data science is to focus on data visualization. Pick R or Python and practice building plots that tell a story. Everything else will follow.” – Isaac Faber Ph.D., Director of AI Development |... Read more
Discover the Latest Possibilities in AI at the ODSC West AI Expo & Demo Hall
As the leading data science training conference, ODSC West 2022 will feature instruction in the latest tools, techniques, and platforms, helping your organization build AI better. Sometimes, due to personnel or time constraints, it makes more sense to buy a product or solution, however. At the... Read more
Getting Started With Quantum Computing is Surprisingly Easy
Editor’s note: Frank Zickert, PhD is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out his talk, “Getting Started With Quantum Bayesian Networks in Python and Qiskit,” there! Quantum computing promises to be the most disruptive technology of the 21st century.... Read more
Building Forecasting Solutions Under Business Constraints
Editor’s note: David Koll is a speaker for ODSC West 2022 this November 1st-3rd. Be sure to check out his talk, “Any Way You Want It: Integrating Complex Business Requirements into ML Forecasting Systems,” there to learn more about building forecasting solutions! Forecasting is arguably one... Read more
ODSC West 2022 Training Sessions Sneak Peek
With ODSC West 2022 less than two months away, we are hard at work on building a lineup of training sessions and workshops on the tools, frameworks, and languages that you need to succeed in your data science career. Below are just a few of the... Read more