Ten of the Largest AI Funding Rounds in 2024 So Far Ten of the Largest AI Funding Rounds in 2024 So Far
Hasn’t 2024 been something? In the world of AI, this year has brought us a massive surge in AI-related funding across... Ten of the Largest AI Funding Rounds in 2024 So Far

Hasn’t 2024 been something? In the world of AI, this year has brought us a massive surge in AI-related funding across the globe. Many within the venture capital ecosystem see the massive potential of AI, especially considering the report from Goldman Sachs that detailed AI’s ability to supercharge economic growth. So 2024 seems to be marking a watershed moment in the evolution of how many within capital view the technology.

Let’s look back at this year’s funding rounds, in which companies are seeing incredible gains, and we might be able to guess the trajectory of future funding based on what we’ve seen so far. So without further adieu, here are the top ten AI fundings of 2024 so far.

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Top Ten Funding Round Receipts so far in Mid-2024

1. California-based xAI, an AI company that develops a platform to accelerate human scientific discovery, raised over $6.1B in Series B.

2. San Francisco-based Scale AI, a provider of data-oriented platforms that assists in the development of AI applications, raised over $1.5B in Series F.

3. China-based Terminus Technologies, a city-level AI+IoT platform operator in China, raised $899M in Series D.

4. Toronto-based Cohere, a provider of access to advanced large language models and NLP tools through one easy-to-use API, raised over $800M in Series Funding.

5. Silicon Valley-based Figure AI raised $675 million from investors including Jeff Bezos, Nvidia, Microsoft, and OpenAI. Figure AI aims to transform the labor market with robots.

6. New York-based AlphaSense, an intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence to allow professionals to make critical decisions raised $650M in Series Funding.

7. Toronto-based Tenstorrent, a computing company that develops processors designed to help in faster training and adaptability to future algorithms, raised over $630M in Series Funding.

8. Paris-based Mistral AI,  an AI startup that provides developers and businesses access to open and portable generative AI solutions, raised €600M in Series B.

9. Tokyo-based Sakana AI, a creator of a new kind of foundation model based on nature-inspired intelligence, raised over ¥20B in a Series Funding round.

10. China-based MiniMax, a developer of AI technology for social connections and interaction, converting text into visual, audio, and text-to-text modes, raised $600M from private investors. 

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Some exciting stuff right? We’re barely at the mid part of 2024 and already there’s a great deal going on with venture capital and AI. One can only wonder how the rest of 2024 will fare! With that said, if you’re interested in learning more about the intersection of AI and capital investments then you need to meet the leaders and deal makers making it happen. 

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