The AI Expo Hall and Other Ways to Attend ODSC East 2024 for Free The AI Expo Hall and Other Ways to Attend ODSC East 2024 for Free
Hoping to attend ODSC East 2024, but a bit short on cash? Don’t worry, the team has you covered so that... The AI Expo Hall and Other Ways to Attend ODSC East 2024 for Free

Hoping to attend ODSC East 2024, but a bit short on cash? Don’t worry, the team has you covered so that you can still be a part of ODSC East 2024, and experience the latest in AI, all for free. Thanks to the new Open Pass, you can tailor your ODSC experience based on your personal goals and preferences that you’ll never forget. The best part? Well, by the end, you’ll see that attending ODSC East was a great investment of your time and something to look forward to in 2025. 

So here’s a detailed rundown of what you can expect from the world’s leading data science conference with the ODSC Open Pass

In-Person and Virtual Conference

September 5th to 6th, 2024 – London

Featuring 200 hours of content, 90 thought leaders and experts, and 40+ workshops and training sessions, Europe 2024 will keep you up-to-date with the latest topics and tools in everything from machine learning to generative AI and more.


Expo & Demo Hall

The AI Expo & Demo Hall is where the future comes to life in the present. The team in the back end works hard so that at each and every ODSC conference, attendees get to meet emerging leaders, startups, and companies who are reshaping the world of data science. These trailblazers are excited to attend ODSC East so they can show the world what they’ve spent countless hours creating. The best part about the AI Expo & Demo Hall is you get an entire overview of the data science world. 

From Keynotes to product solution showcases, networking and AI solutions with enterprise-level players showing off some amazing demos that trace the current trends in AI. 

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Keynotes & Featured Speakers

The best part about a solid conference is the speakers with rich and diverse backgrounds. Let’s take a quick glance at a few of our Keynote & Feature speakers at ODSC East 2024:

Abeba Birhane – Social and Ethical Implications of Generative AI

Abeba is a Senior Fellow in Trustworthy AI at Mozilla Foundation and an Adjunct Lecturer/Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin. Abeba has also been listed on Time100 Most Influential People in AI. She’s currently working with the UN Security General’s AI Advisory board. 

Paul Hake – How to Scale Trustworthy AI

Paul Hake is a Principal AI Engineer at IBM where he has dedicated his career to ensuring that AI technologies are not only cutting-edge but also ethical and reliable.  He has helped to build skilled generative AI teams that excelled at delivering AI solutions that provide real-world value. 

Anna Goldie – Deep Reinforcement Learning in the Real World: From Chip Design to LLMs

Anna is a Senior Staff Research Scientist at Google Deepmind where she works on Large Language Model research in Gemini & Bard. In the past, she worked on Reinforcement Learning for LLMs and retrieval-augmented LLMs at Anthropic and was co-founder/lead of the ML for Systems team in Google Brain.

Alex Pentland, PhD – AI and Society

Alex Pentland, PhD, is a professor at MIT and founder/director at MIT Connection Science. He’s a pioneer in AI, privacy, and security and is one of the most cited authors in the entire field of computer science. He sits on the advisory board for the UN Securary-General, Google, and AT&T. 


What is a conference without some good old-fashioned networking? Well with the Open Pass, you’ll also enjoy a full series of networking events; the perfect way to unwind a day after a full day of learning. At these networking events, you’ll be able to meet some of your fellow data practitioners who have come from all across the country. The ODSC Networking reception is the perfect opportunity to connect and gain new perspectives from like-minded data practitioners over small bites and drinks.

In-Person & Virtual Data Science Conference

October 29th-31st, 2024 – Burlingame, CA

Join us for 300+ hours of expert-led content, featuring hands-on, immersive training sessions, workshops, tutorials, and talks on cutting-edge AI tools and techniques, including our first-ever track devoted to AI Robotics!


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Now if you want more from your experience, including 300+ hours of hands-on training sessions, workshops, and talks on Gen AI, LLMs, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and more, check out our paid passes today. They’re running out quickly, so don’t miss out!



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