The Most Popular In-Person Sessions from ODSC East 2023 The Most Popular In-Person Sessions from ODSC East 2023
ODSC East 2023 is done, and it was a huge success! Attendees were buzzing about the sessions that filled up rooms... The Most Popular In-Person Sessions from ODSC East 2023

ODSC East 2023 is done, and it was a huge success! Attendees were buzzing about the sessions that filled up rooms and left them ready to take on the challenges that waited for them back in the office. From NLP, ML, and generative AI, to even artificial general intelligence, the topics were diverse and awe-inspiring.  So let’s take a look at the top in-person sessions that had attendees buzzing. 

Data Science Software Acceleration at the Edge

Attendees had an amazing time learning about unlocking the potential of data science through acceleration. This session explored the importance of enhancing infrastructure management and deployment methods, such as optimizing OS image generation and management. The approach is comprehensive and ensures efficient utilization of resources and maximizes the impact of data science in edge computing environments.

Idiomatic Pandas

Many know full well that mastering Pandas can be challenging, especially with the abundance of misleading guidance circulating. That’s why this talk was such a hit. In it, the session addressed the most prevalent issues and showed attendees how it was rectified them using the speaker’s experience of working with the library and authoring three books on the subject. Attendees left the session with essential insights needed to navigate the complexities of Pandas code successfully.

Hyper-productive NLP with Hugging Face Transformers

In this workshop, attendees were guided through a comprehensive, step-by-step demonstration of harnessing the power of Hugging Face Transformers. It was a hands-on session that showcased the seamless integration of both their open-source libraries and commercial products. The hands-on approach to this workshop was wildly popular and allowed attendees to see for themselves the full potential of Hugging Face Transformers in real-world applications.

Causation, Collision, and Confusion: Avoiding the most dangerous error in Statistics

Data scientists know full well the dangers of bias, especially collision bias. It’s known as the most deceptive pitfall in statistics and possesses traits that make it both insidious and inadvertently induced. That’s why this session was so popular as the speaker dived right into the topic and walked through solutions and methods of avoiding this bias in their data. 

Predict-GPT: A small step towards AGI

In this Keynote, Ted Kwartle explored the intricate connections among brain regions responsible for essential tasks such as executive functioning, language processing, and prediction-making. He also touched on predict-GPT, a groundbreaking approach to flexible and forward-thinking GPT workflows. By combining the power of LLMs, auto-GPT, Langchain, and auto-ML, this innovative system enables dynamic and adaptable predictions. Attendees gained valuable insights on designing and implementing this workflow themselves but also recognized its potential as a catalyst for realizing artificial general intelligence.

The Stuff They Didn’t Tell You in Data Science Class:  Tips and Tricks for Every Level of Practical Data Science | Slides Here

In this session, attendees were reminded about the gap between applying data science and studying data science. This includes data drift, cold starts, sudden scaling, and competing priorities. These are issues and problems that most don’t learn about during their fundamental training periods, but instead encounter on the spot while in the middle of a project. During the session, attendees were able to learn essential tips and tricks that any data professional can utilize no matter their level. 

Machine Learning with XGBoost

Attendees at this workshop raved because they learned how to use XGBoost. As machine learning continues to scale across injuries, methods such as XGBoost will continue to gain steam. During the workshop, attendees got to enjoy a demonstration of model creation, model tuning, model evaluation, and model interpretation.

Ace the Data Science Interview with Nick Singh

Finally, another extremely popular session was Ace the Data Science Interview with Nick Singh. As many data professionals know, the interview process can be difficult and often nerve-racking regardless of one’s skill level. So attendees got to enjoy a crash course on the most common types of technical interview questions, with a focus on FAANG data science, ML, and data analyst interviews, and how to best solve them. 

One of the best parts of this session was that attendees were able to practice what they learned, with Nick Singh himself. It was a great opportunity for attendees to learn from an Ex-Facebook & Google employee and best-selling author of Ace the Data Science Interview.


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