The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it
As businesses adjust to the new normal following the shakeup from COVID-19, there’s a better idea of where things are headed... The New Normal is Here, and These Companies are Hiring Data Scientists for it

As businesses adjust to the new normal following the shakeup from COVID-19, there’s a better idea of where things are headed in the foreseeable future. Self-driving cars are more in-demand, social media has to deal with news and fake news, gaming companies have to adjust to higher player counts, and so on. A simple look at ODSC West 2021 sessions will give you an idea of where the field is going.

These changes require a stronger workforce, meaning that these companies are hiring data scientists at an alarming rate – and for new jobs that haven’t been seen before. We’re moving beyond the title of Data Scientist into niche roles to fit the unique needs of a company, and that’ll continue for a while.

We scoured thousands of job listings to examine common the current state of data science as a career in 2021. For now, let’s take a look at a few companies hiring data scientists, what job titles are popular, the common themes we see, industries that are seeing the most growth, and how you can plan for a career in data science in 2021 and beyond.

Companies Hiring Data Scientists

Companies hiring data scientists in 2021 represent an impressive depth of diversity. From the newest startups looking to start strong, to the Big Four – Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google. We also have our own Data Science Jobs Board that represents all types of companies hiring data scientists.

Accenture: Known for providing services and solutions in strategy, consulting, digital, technology, and operations, Accenture is looking at hiring a number of data scientists and machine learning engineers.

Amazon: This e-commerce giant, and one of the Big Four, is hiring countless data scientists and data engineers, and across various specialties like machine learning, NLP, and so on. They have offices all around the world as well, so you have location options galore.

Apple: Another member of the Big Four, Apple is hiring data scientists, software architects, robotics professionals, and so on.

DataRobot: This company is growing rapidly, often acquiring other companies and making the news almost weekly. Since they’re known for their enterprise AI platform, they employ countless data scientists. They’re always looking for anyone from entry-level data scientists to niche NLP experts and even customer-facing data scientists.

Facebook: It shouldn’t be a surprise that Facebook is hiring data scientists – in fact, they pretty much always are. They have plenty of subdivisions that are constantly growing, so there’s likely something for everyone.

Genentech: Genentech is a biotechnology company that discovers, develops, manufactures, and commercializes medicines to treat patients. At the forefront of modern medicine, Genentech is hiring for a multitude of positions related to data science and healthcare, such as backend engineering, pharmaceutical development, and so on.

Google: This one shouldn’t be a surprise. As the last of the Big Four, Google’s hiring for everything you can imagine – and they’re hiring a lot. This includes entry-level data scientists for their search platform, to leading new products and services that aren’t even public yet.

Intelliswift Software: Intelliswift is global software solutions & services organization that helps businesses across industries harness digital technologies for growth, agility, differentiated experience, and operational efficiencies. They’re growing fast, and they’re hiring data scientists, data engineers, analysts, and more.

Intuit: Intuit offers business and financial management solutions for SMBs, financial institutions, consumers, and accounting professionals. There are quite a few openings for data scientists, data engineers, NLP pros, and analysts.

Johnson & Johnson: Once known for their No Tears shampoo (that always made us tear anyway), J&J is now a part of our daily conversation for their COVID-19 vaccine. Since they develop everything from cosmetics to pharmaceuticals, they have plenty of divisions that are hiring data scientists.

Lucid Motors: Seeking to perfect electric vehicles, Lucid Motors is hiring data scientists to support that goal, such as data scientists for vehicle safety, battery systems, and predictive maintenance. A good company for anyone who loves both data science and cars.

NVIDIA: Similar to DataRobot, NVIDIA is constantly making the news with acquisitions and new products. They’re hiring data scientists for anything from their data science platform to their gaming computer graphics cards.

Salesforce: This CRM powerhouse is always growing, and they’re hiring all around the world across all of their products for roles in data modeling, data science, ML engineering, and more.

Tesla: Another big name in cars, Tesla is hiring data scientists, data engineers, data privacy consultants, QA data engineers, data annotation specialists, and anything else under the data umbrella.

Twitter: This popular social media platform is hiring across the board for data science, for everything from data engineering to business analytics and so on.

Walmart: While mostly known for the physical stores, Walmart also has an impressive data science research component, largely hiring for its strong eCommerce presence.

Trending Data Science Job Titles in 2021

The titles “data scientist” and “data engineer” aren’t the only jobs you should be looking for. ODSC West 2021 speakers represent the truest breadth that you too can achieve. Here are a few other popular job titles that you should be adding to your job search queries.

  • AI Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Security Professional
  • Digital Forensics Expert
  • Machine Learning Architect
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Machine Vision Engineer
  • NLP Data Scientist
  • Robotics Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Software Engineer

Themes Among Companies Hiring Data Scientists

The companies hiring data scientists and trending data science job titles above represent a multitude of themes and trends this year, some of which you can learn more about at ODSC West this November.

The Continued Rise of Self-Driving Cars

As the world relies more on automation, self-driving cars will only become more commonplace. Expect to see more jobs related to both self-driving cars for human passengers as well as autonomous delivery vehicles.

Video Games

Gaming has evolved to be more than just selling a cartridge or disk and forgetting about it. Now we have more online games, mobile games, games as a service, and so on. Data scientists need to be able to keep track of trends within games to both providing better gaming experiences as well as to improve potential revenue.

Big Companies Keep Expanding

Aside from the Big Four, all of the companies listed above are name brands. Every company is expanding its data science portfolios, so it’s worth checking out some of your favorite brands and companies to see what’s out there.

Startups are Starting Strong

Many young companies are thinking about data even in the earliest stages. No longer are data scientists luxury employees – they’re necessities even in the beginning.

Data Scientists for Data Science

There are so many libraries, frameworks, platforms, etc for data science. While many of them are open-source, many are also monetized. These companies are always seeking out more data scientists to improve their products and to develop new ones.

Social Media

Social media is Pandora’s Box for data. There are posts from users, activity data, news to review, and so on. This requires more data scientists to handle all of this data, to identify trends, create automated resources to pick out false news sources, and so on.

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