Top Free and Paid Sessions on the Ai+ Training Platform Top Free and Paid Sessions on the Ai+ Training Platform
The field of data science changes constantly, and some frameworks, tools, and algorithms just can’t get the job done anymore. Also,... Top Free and Paid Sessions on the Ai+ Training Platform

The field of data science changes constantly, and some frameworks, tools, and algorithms just can’t get the job done anymore. Also, as newer fields emerge, it’s not always easy to keep up with everything. With ODSC’s Ai+ Live Training platform, you can stay up-to-date with what the leading experts in the field are doing, get hands-on instruction with new tools, and see what the future has in store for the field of AI. Here’s our list of the top ten free AI+ Training sessions and the top paid ones that you can get with a subscription.

Top 3 Free Training Sessions

Microsoft Azure: Machine Learning Essentials

This series of videos from Microsoft covers the entire stack of machine learning essentials with Microsoft Azure. A few standout topics include model deployment and inferencing, MLOps, and multi-cloud machine learning. These videos are a part of the ODSC/Microsoft AI learning journey which includes videos, blogs, webinars, and more.

How Deep Neural Networks Work and How We Put Them to Work at Facebook

Deep learning is the technology driving today’s artificial intelligence boom. It is particularly good at image classification, for instance, deciding whether a picture contains a cat. To get the best results, it’s helpful to understand how they work. We will take a gentle, detailed tour through a multilayer fully-connected neural network, backpropagation, and a convolutional neural network. You won’t need any background in math, programming, or machine learning. At Facebook, we use deep neural networks as part of our effort to connect the entire world. To provide network connectivity to everyone, we first have to know where everyone is. We use deep learning to find buildings in satellite images so that we know which network technologies will work best and where to deploy them.

Machine Learning for Beginners

Learn the essentials of machine learning including how Support Vector Machines, Naive Bayesian Classifiers, and Upper Confidence Bound algorithms work. After this talk, you will have an intuitive understanding of these three algorithms and real-life problems where they can be applied.

Other popular free sessions:

  1. Engineering for Data Science
  2. Azure Machine Learning
  3. Four Areas of Analytic Data Science
  4. The tragedy of the data commons
  5. Better Data for Better AI
  6. Automated and Interpretable Machine Learning
  7. From Numbers to Narrative – Data Storytelling

Top 3 Paid Training Sessions

Machine Learning Certification

The ODSC machine learning certification is comprised of multiple sessions to help you get started with machine learning. The certification covers the fundamentals of machine learning as well as diving into some trending topics, ensuring that you have a strong foundation in the basics and are exposed to the latest developments in the topic. Topics include python fundamentals, SQL for data science, statistics for machine learning, and more.

Deep Learning with Tensorflow 2 and Pytorch

Originally recorded as a live training, this session serves as a primer on deep learning theory that will bring the revolutionary machine learning approach to life with hands-on demos. Critically, for the first time, these demos feature both TensorFlow and PyTorch, the world’s two most popular deep learning libraries.

Modern Data Acquisition

An algorithm is worse than useless without the right inputs. Learn how to supercharge your regressors and classifiers by acquiring and extracting data from nearly any website. Whether the data that you’re interested in is trapped inside of an HTML table, rendered with JavaScript, or locked behind a login form, you’ll learn how to extract it all in this on-demand course. And you’ll learn how to schedule routine scraping tasks and how to send the results to a database or to a slack channel so that you can use the data in your model pipelines.

Other popular paid sessions:

  1. SQL for Data Science
  2. Machine Learning Fundamentals – Linear Algebra
  3. Deep Learning Bootcamp
  4. Advanced NLP 1 
  5. Master Data Analysis with Python
  6. Time Series Forecasting with Python
  7. Complete Python Fundamentals

What’s next?

There are a number of things you can do with an Ai+ subscription. With a free subscription, you can view the first ten videos and plenty more on the platform. With a paid subscription, you get access to our entire video library and access to all future live training sessions as they come. Coming up this February 8th is our next live training session, “Anomaly Detection & Introduction to Fraud Modeling with Aric LaBarr, PhD, Associate Professor at the Institute for Advanced Analytics.

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