Top Free Recordings from ODSC 2022 Events – 30 Videos to Check out! Top Free Recordings from ODSC 2022 Events – 30 Videos to Check out!
2022 has been an amazing year for data science, and this couldn’t be shown more than during our ODSC conferences this... Top Free Recordings from ODSC 2022 Events – 30 Videos to Check out!

2022 has been an amazing year for data science, and this couldn’t be shown more than during our ODSC conferences this year. From responsible AI to the growing scales of artificial intelligence as it permeates every facet of society, here is a list of the top free virtual sessions that attendees loved. Each section will be divided by conference: East, Europe, and West. Enjoy!

ODSC East 2022

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The Big Wave of AI at Scale by Luis Vargas, PhD:

As we’ve seen in 2022, AI has entered the public imagination as accessibility grew, allowing everyday people to easily access tools. In this recording, Microsoft’s Luis Vargas, PhD, dives into the topic of AI growth in society, the infrastructure needs required to scale, and how it could affect just about every major industry.

Is Your ML Secure? Cybersecurity and Threats in the ML World by Dr. Hari Bhaskar, PhD and Jean-Rene Gauthier, PhD:

Machine learning and cybersecurity aren’t always in the same sentence. But as teams continue to grow complex projects that can have future profitable capabilities, outside actors are likely to want a piece of the action. So what can you do? In this talk, Dr. Hari Bhaskar, PhD, and Jean-Rene Gauthier, PhD break down machine learning security and the threats teams don’t know they’ll face. 

Bridging the Gap Between Data Scientists and Decision Makers by Ken Jee:

You have the data, the visuals, and other supporting evidence to provide stakeholders with all the information they need to make an informed decision. Something is missing, but what? During this recording, Ken Jee helps you to discover the final ingredient, so you can convey your data in a meaningful manner. 

ODSC Europe 2022

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Rule Induction & Reasoning in Knowledge Graphs – Daria Stepanova PhD:

During this recording, you’ll be introduced to the rules of knowledge graphs. It also presents state-of-the-art rule induction methods, advances, and research opportunities while putting an emphasis on the problems of learning exception-enriched and numerical rules.

Full-Stack Machine Learning for Data Scientists – Hugo Bowne-Anderson, PhD:

During this virtual workshop, you’ll be presented with an introduction to production-grade tools, techniques, and workflows that bridge the gap between laptop data science and machine learning workflows. Discover the eight layers of the stack: data, compute, versioning, orchestration, software architecture, model operations, feature engineering, and model development, and discover the best possible user experience for data scientists. 

Flawed Machine Learning Security: The Top Security Flaws in the ML Lifecycle (And how to avoid them)

MLOps security is a growing concern for professionals across the data science field. In this recording, you’ll learn about the conceptual and practical tools around MLSecOps. You’ll also learn about key security challenges that come to be during the production of machine learning systems and best practices. 

ODSC West 2022

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DS/AI for Incident Response & Threat Hunting with CHRYSALIS & DAISY

What do threat hunting and incident response look like for artificial intelligence? How can AI empower these tools and provide cybersecurity professionals with the tools they need to combat emerging threats? During this talk, Senior DFIR SANS Instructor Jess Garcia will discuss the use of AI in incident response and threat hunting with the help of the DS4N6 toolset (DAISY VM & CHRYSALIS).

Denoising Diffusion-based Generative Modeling

New advances in diffusion-based generative models are poised to improve the performance in a variety of inverse problems. In particular, medical imaging. During this recording discover how these flexible architectures require no sampling during training of the use of adversarial training methods. 

Orchestrating Data Assets instead of Tasks, with Dagster

During this recording, discover how Dagster can provide an alternative approach to data management. See how it can tightly couple data assets to code and how this data-to-code approach mimics the infrastructure-as-code approach that is central in modern DevOps.


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