Top Healthcare and AI in Business Talks Coming to the Ai x Business Summit Next Week Top Healthcare and AI in Business Talks Coming to the Ai x Business Summit Next Week
As researchers develop new data science tools, businesses find unique ways of implementing them. Whether it’s for automation, optimization, data analytics,... Top Healthcare and AI in Business Talks Coming to the Ai x Business Summit Next Week

As researchers develop new data science tools, businesses find unique ways of implementing them. Whether it’s for automation, optimization, data analytics, or for other innovative processes, businesses can find incredible success when using artificial intelligence. At the Ai x Business Summit this March 30th to April 1st – an event co-located with ODSC East 2021 – you can hear about how leading businesses are using AI to their advantage. Here are just a few talks you can watch for free:

Overcoming Obstacles to AI Execution: Trust, Scale, and Reasoning
Mark Weber | Applied Research Scientist | MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab

Corporate survey data indicate consensus on the importance of AI for competitive advantage, but only a small fraction of companies are actually executing on AI in their core businesses. In this session, Mark will review the latest advancements in AI robustness, scalability, and fluid intelligence as they relate to opportunities in business applications.

The Clinician’s AI Partner: Augmenting Clinician Capabilities Across the Spectrum of Healthcare
Serena Yeung, PhD | Assistant Professor of Biomedical Data Science | Stanford University

With an emphasis on AI capabilities for visual reasoning, Serena will present examples and ongoing work towards building clinician and AI partnerships in settings ranging from hospital treatment to remote care and beyond.

Accelerate AI with the Open Hybrid Cloud
Mike Piech | Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Storage and Data Services | Red Hat

This keynote will highlight AI/ML use cases, execution challenges, and tools to help accelerate AI/ML projects from pilot to production, and accelerate delivery of intelligent applications.

Computer Vision for Healthcare and Medicine
James Zou, PhD | Assistant Professor, Biomedical Data Science, Computer Science | Stanford University

Healthcare is one of the top implementors of data science and artificial intelligence. In this session, James will present new computer vision algorithms to learn complex morphologies and phenotypes that are important for human diseases.

Managing Data Science as Products
Richard Sheng | Global Director, Data Science & AI Platform | Anheuser-Busch InBev

MIT once cited “seven out of ten companies report minimal or no impact from AI so far.” This talk will focus on how to apply Product Management principles to managing data science, both in terms of the work product and also how to engage stakeholders, to get results from AI finally.

AI-Powered Best Healthcare for Everyone
Anitha Kannan, PhD | Head of Machine Learning Research | Curai

In this talk, we will describe how our work on combining the latest AI advances with medical experts and online access has the huge potential to change the landscape in healthcare access and provide 24/7 quality healthcare.

The Persuasion Equation – How to Effectively Communicate Results to People Who Don’t Want to Listen
Brook Jamieson | Experience Lead | PlaceOS

What’s the point of working hard to achieve results if no one cares when you tell them? This session will present a winning workflow for Analysts, Developers, and Engineers to harness the power of persuasion with data. Attendees will hear how to present the results of their data science, projects, or analysis and drive their audience to act on those results.

Using Survival Analysis to Model Credit Risk: What, Why, and How?
Lore Dirick, PhD | Director of Data Science Education | Flatiron School

The objective of this session is to give a short overview of what types of problems can be solved using survival analysis, why survival analysis is useful, and how to use survival analysis when working with credit data.

Architectural Patterns in Machine Learning to Generate Sustainable Business Value
Nishan Subedi | Vice President, Algorithms | Overstock.com, Inc.

In this talk, Nishan aims to highlight common concerns with building and deploying Machine Learning solutions, and discuss various patterns that can be consistently used to deliver value sustainably and quickly across a broad range of industries and specific business problems.

Chat with your Data: Accessing Insights through Conversational Analytics
Anand Ranganathan, PhD | Chief AI Officer | Unscrambl

In this talk, Anand will describe some of the key AI technologies needed to deploy conversational analytics including natural-language processing (NLP), natural-language generation/narration, chatbots, and AI/augmented analytics. I’ll also show a demo of our vision of conversational analytics, and how users can talk with their data to access an infinite future.

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