Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC West 2021 Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC West 2021
Recent years have seen the rapid advancement of NLP, making it difficult for all but the most dedicated to stay abreast... Top NLP Sessions Coming to ODSC West 2021

Recent years have seen the rapid advancement of NLP, making it difficult for all but the most dedicated to stay abreast of all the new developments, innovations, and cutting-edge technologies. To help you stay current with the latest advances in NLP, ODSC West is hosting several training sessions, workshops, and talks led by experts in the field this November. Check out some of the confirmed ODSC West 2021 NLP Sessions and speakers below.


Transferable Representation in Natural Language Processing: Kai-Wei Chang, PhD | Director, Assistant Professor | UCLA NLP, UCLA CS

If you are interested in applying NLP techniques in cross-domain or cross-lingual tasks, this session will teach you about recent trends and emerging challenges in this topic, representative tools and learning resources to obtain ready-to-use models, and how related models and techniques benefit real-world language-related AI applications.

Build a Question Answering System using DistilBERT in Python: Jayeeta Putatunda | Data Scientist | MediaMath

 Question-Answering is one application of NLP that is crucial in sectors like finance, media, chatbots to explore large text datasets and find insights quickly. In this session, you’ll learn about the general concepts and ways of implementing language model DistilBERT and fine tuning the base model to build an efficient question-answering model. 

Introduction to NLP and Topic Modeling: Zhenya Antić, PhD | NLP Consultant, Founder | Practical Linguistics Inc   

In this workshop you will learn about the basics of Natural Language Processing, including the structure of a typical NLP project, with a focus on topic modeling. At the completion of this session, you will have a good grasp on the structure of an NLP project, methods used in NLP, and will have built a topic model project by preprocessing and vectorizing the data, building the topic model, visualizing and evaluating it.

NLP Fundamentals: Leonardo De Marchi | Lead Instructor | ideai.io

This workshop will provide you with all the basic knowledge and tools needed to solve real-world problems and understand the most recent and advanced NLP topics. You’ll learn about  Natural Language Processing fundamentals, such as pre-processing techniques,tf-idf, embeddings, and more.

BERT Fine-Tuning Tutorial with PyTorch and HuggingFace: Chris McCormick | Author & Founder | ChrisMcCormick.AI

In this workshop, you’ll learn the fundamentals of applying BERT to text applications through examples that illustrate:

  • BERT’s strengths, applications, and weaknesses
  • The concepts of “pre-training” and “fine-tuning”
  • The basics of BERT’s architecture
  • How to format text to feed into BERT
  • How to “fine-tune” BERT for text classification with PyTorch and the Huggingface “transformers” library

Teaching Machines Through Human Explanations: Xiang Ren, PhD | Assistant Professor,  Research Team Leader,  Director, Information Director USC Computer Science | USC ISI, USC INK Research Lab, SIGKDD

In this talk, you’ll learn about an explanation-based learning framework that can make the process of building and maintaining NLP models more label efficient and reliable, and less reliant on machine learning expertise.

ODSC West 2021 NLP Sessions TBD From These Speakers:

Kumaran Ponnambalam: Big Data, Data Science & Analytics Leader | Cisco

Over his 15+ year career, Kumaran Ponnambalam has built ML models, data pipelines, analytics, and integrations focused on customer engagement. He is also the author of several machine learning and big data courses on the LinkedIn Learning Platform. 

Mona Diab, PhD: Research Scientist, Founder and Director | Facebook AI, GW NLP lab CARE4Lang

Mona Diab has a wide range of interests, including building robust technologies for low resource scenarios with a special interest in Arabic technologies, (mis) information propagation, computational socio-pragmatics, NLG evaluation metrics, and resource creation. She is also an experienced instructor, having led several tutorials and organized panels and workshops on Arabic processing. 

Andre Goncalves, PhD: Machine Learning Research Scientist | Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Dr. Goncalves is an expert in probabilistic machine learning, multi-task/transfer learning, uncertainty quantification, and deep learning. In his current role, his projects focus on cancer prognosis from clinical and genomic information, seasonal and inter-seasonal climate forecasting, antibody design to counter the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19, and small molecule drug discovery.

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