Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of October 23, 2023 Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of October 23, 2023
This week’s top five repos have a lot of familiar faces with a new repo making its way to the top... Trending AI GitHub Repos: Week of October 23, 2023

This week’s top five repos have a lot of familiar faces with a new repo making its way to the top five. Though this isn’t completely unusual, it’s also good to get a reintroduction to previously mentioned repos as their popularity tends to be due to grassroots interest. So let’s take a dive and check out the top five repos for the week of October 23rd.


This repository contains the source code for an open-source, cross-platform file manager that uses a virtual distributed file system (VDFS) written in Rust. Spacedrive is unique in that it can organize files across multiple devices in one place, including cloud services and offline hard drives. It does this by combining the storage capacity and processing power of your devices into a single, secure, and user-friendly personal distributed cloud.


Llava is a visual instruction tuning framework that fine-tunes large language and vision models on specific visual instructions. It is easy to use and effective in a variety of tasks, including object detection, image captioning, and visual question answering. Llava can be used to improve the performance of large language and vision models on a variety of tasks. It does this by fine-tuning the models on specific visual instructions. This allows the models to learn to understand and respond to visual instructions more effectively. Llava is easy to use and can be applied to a variety of tasks. It is a valuable tool for anyone working with large language and vision models.


DocsGPT is an open-source tool that simplifies the process of locating information in project documentation. It integrates with powerful GPT models to allow developers to easily ask questions about a project and receive accurate answers. This can save developers a lot of time and effort, as they no longer have to search through large amounts of documentation to find the information they need. DocsGPT can also help to improve the quality of project documentation, as developers are more likely to update it when they know that it will be used to answer questions.


ChatDev is a virtual software company that operates through a variety of intelligent agents with different roles. These agents are organized in a multi-agent structure and are united by a mission to “revolutionize the digital world through programming.” The agents within ChatDev collaborate by participating in specialized functional seminars, including tasks such as designing, coding, testing, and documenting. ChatDev’s primary goal is to provide an easy-to-use, highly customizable, and extensible framework based on large language models that serve as an ideal scenario for studying collective intelligence.


Javy is a tool that allows you to run your JavaScript code on WebAssembly. For those who don’t know,  WebAssembly is a binary instruction format for a stack-based virtual machine. It is designed to be portable across different platforms and architectures. Javy takes your JavaScript code and executes it in a WebAssembly-embedded JavaScript runtime. This means that you can run your JavaScript code on any platform that supports WebAssembly, such as browsers, mobile devices, and servers. Javy can also create very small Wasm modules in the 1 to 16 KB range with the use of dynamic linking. 


What a week, though we saw plenty of familiar faces, it’s always good to see how the rankings change over time. With that said, we can’t wait to see how this will change in the coming week. If you’re hoping to get your hands on some innovative projects, the best way is still good old-fashioned networking, and ODSC West is the perfect place to stretch out those networking muscles. 

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