Trending Topics Coming to ODSC East 2021 Trending Topics Coming to ODSC East 2021
With 80+ hands-on training sessions and workshops and over 300+ hours of content, it can be difficult to determine which ODSC... Trending Topics Coming to ODSC East 2021

With 80+ hands-on training sessions and workshops and over 300+ hours of content, it can be difficult to determine which ODSC East sessions this March 30th to April 1st will help you develop your target skills. To help you identify the sessions you want to attend, we’ve developed 9+ focus areas on the topics that matter most to you. And this year we are introducing two all-new, exclusive focus areas: Data Analytics and AI for Cybersecurity.

Below, you’ll find a full list of featured ODSC East focus areas. 

Deep Learning and Machine Learning

This focus area gathers together the creators and top practitioners in the rapidly expanding fields of deep learning and machine learning to discuss the latest advances, trends, and models in these fields. The topics discussed will include TensorFlow, neural networks, PyTorch, autonomous machines, recommendation systems, reinforcement learning, and much more. 

Data Analytics 

Learn the latest techniques for analyzing raw data, how to automate data into mechanical processes and algorithms from the data scientists driving innovation in this rapidly advancing field. You’ll also hear use-cases on how data can be used to optimize business processes. Confirmed speakers include Margaret Good, PhD, David Gerlanc, and more.

AI for Cybersecurity

Discover how you can leverage your programming skills to become a machine learning specialist in cybersecurity. Over the past few years, malware, ransomware, and the like have increasingly become a concern, not only for individuals, but for governments and private companies as well. This focus area will teach you how to use a variety of tools, everything from data mining and organization to essential use of AI neural networks and automatic learning model recognition, to help protect your organization from existing and novel cybersecurity threats. Dr. Jon Krohn, Thomas Fan, and Hannah Arnson, PhD are just a few of the speakers leading sessions in this focus area.

MLOps and Data Engineering

As data science is integrated into more aspects of an organization, the challenges of deploying and monitoring models in production, managing data science teams and workflows, and measuring ROI arise. This focus area will utilize use-cases, best practices, and anecdotes to show how to effectively incorporate data science practice into your organization. Attend sessions included in this focus area to hear from Sarah Aerni, PhD, James Lamb, and many more.

Data Visualization 

This focus area brings together the creative minds that are changing the way we understand, interact, and visualize data. Learn how to use open source tools and techniques to tell stories, effectively communicate data, and inspire your audience. Confirmed speakers include Eric Ma, PhD, Noemi Derzsy, PhD, and Ian Johnson among others.

Natural Language Processing 

During the NLP track, you’ll learn firsthand from core practitioners and contributors about the latest trends in data science languages, tools, such as pre-trained models. You’ll also connect with some of the most innovative people in the industry. Current NLP speakers include Julia Neagu, PhD, Ian Bakst, PhD, and Elliot Ning.

Data Science Kick-Start

For data science beginners, software engineers looking to augment their skills, or anyone who is looking to learn the fundamentals of the field, the Data Science Kick-Start focus area will impart the knowledge you need to hit the ground running. Get world-class instruction from our expert speakers on the tools, topics, and techniques that matter most. Learn about these core topics from Thomas Fan, Noemi Derzsy, PhD, and many others.

Research Frontiers

The data science field is advancing at a tremendous pace. And although staying abreast of the latest advances is essential for data scientists, demanding jobs can make that difficult. The Research Frontiers track brings together world-class academics, researchers, and professionals to peruse, condense, and summarize the latest research so you can spend your valuable time focusing on the topics that matter most to you. Confirmed speakers include Mark Weber and Christopher Kanan, PhD.

R for Data Science

In recent years, R has evolved into a data science powerhouse platform featuring dozens of packages and interfaces for machine learning, data visualization, and deep learning, among others. This focus area will bring together the top practitioners and R data scientists to teach you the latest models, packages, and tools. Confirmed speakers include Jared Lander, Julie Josse, PhD, Lara Kattan, and more.

Don’t miss this chance to see these ODSC East focus areas and to build the skills that could propel you to the next level of your career. Register today to save 30% on your ODSC East Virtual Pass. 



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