US and China to Meet to Discuss AI Risk in Geneva US and China to Meet to Discuss AI Risk in Geneva
The U.S. and China are set to meet in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss artificial intelligence. According to the report, U.S.... US and China to Meet to Discuss AI Risk in Geneva

The U.S. and China are set to meet in Geneva on Tuesday to discuss artificial intelligence. According to the report, U.S. officials emphasized that Washington’s policies will not be up for negotiation. The talks aim to explore ways to mitigate risks associated with the rapidly evolving technology.

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The Biden administration has been keen on engaging China on various issues to reduce miscommunication between the two global powers. This dialogue on AI was first broached by U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi in April during a meeting in Beijing, where they agreed to hold formal bilateral talks on the subject.

For some time, the U.S. State Department has been urging China and Russia to adhere to the U.S. stance that only humans should make decisions regarding the deployment of nuclear weapons. “This is the first meeting of its kind. So, we expect to have a discussion of the full range of risks, but wouldn’t prejudge any specifics at this point,” a senior administration official stated.

China’s rapid deployment of AI across civilian, military, and national security sectors has raised concerns for the U.S. and its allies. In turn, the talks will provide an opportunity for Washington to communicate these concerns directly to their counterparts in China.

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To be very clear, talks with Beijing are not focused on promoting any form of technical collaboration or cooperating on frontier research in any matter. And our technology protection policies are not up for negotiation,” the official added.

The U.S. delegation will include officials from the White House, State, and Commerce Departments, as well as the White House National Security Council. It has been reported that the Biden administration plans to implement guardrails on U.S.-developed AI models that power popular chatbots like ChatGPT, aiming to protect the technology from adversarial nations.

A second U.S. official highlighted that while Washington and Beijing are competing to shape AI regulations, there is hope to find common ground. “We certainly don’t see eye to eye … on many AI topics and applications, but we believe that communication on critical AI risks can make the world safer,” the official noted.

Leading the U.S. side in the talks will be NSC official Tarun Chhabra and Seth Center, the State Department’s acting special envoy for critical and emerging technology. They will be meeting with representatives from China’s Foreign Ministry and the National Development and Reform Commission.

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Due to the meeting taking place in Geneva, it’s clear that even though both parties may not see eye to eye on certain AI related issues, they both still see the significance of attempting to corporate on some level.



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