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I solve human-centric problems with data. I build teams that ask the right questions, and data systems to get the right answers.

I am deeply committed to unlocking human potential with technology. I believe that ubiquitous computing offers great opportunities to understand and improve ourselves---identity, habits, and relationships---in ways never before possible. A lifelong student of the developing science of behavior change, I speak and write regularly on the intersection of data science, human behavior, and the Internet of Things.

I'm an expert at building and deploying world-class data products. My technical skills cover full-stack web development, "Big Data"​ architecture and engineering (NoSQL, AWS web infrastructure, Hadoop, and Spark), and a multi-disciplinary analytical toolset (machine learning, econometrics, Bayesian statistics, and research design.)

More importantly, I know how to manage the technical roadmap for smart, personalized products. Great data products aren't built all at once---they're bootstrapped, by aggregating and refining data and feedback from many sources. I know how to pick the right methods and tools for each stage, to rapidly unlock new capabilities and experiences on a steady cadence.

I understand how culture shapes data, and data shapes organizational culture. I'm comfortable building healthy, productive team dynamics in a wide variety of settings---from research and engineering teams, to grassroots activism and policy initiatives, to government and non-profit organizations.

If you want to build great things with data, let’s talk.

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