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Dr. Dastgeer Shaikh, Ph.D., is a senior data scientist at iCIMS, a leading provider of recruitment software solutions for global enterprise companies. At iCIMS, he has actively been engaged in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) algorithm development work aimed at producing insights into predictive recruiting job market data to help employers make smarter, more informed hiring decisions.

By means of implementation of cutting-edge technology such as TensorFlow with Keras python framework, Dr. Shaikh has developed an AI model that predicts candidates for open jobs that employers post online and suggests relevant open jobs for candidates. He has extensive experience in working with numerous data science-centric state-of-the-arts such as Natural Language Processing, Bayesian Models, Deep Learning, Neural Network, Ensemble Modeling, linear and nonlinear modeling, Data Cleansing, building python API’s for automation, time series analysis, statistics, and mathematical models.

Dr. Shaikh’s interests include financial, aerospace and social-related AI/ML modeling. He has built many AI and machine learning driven models to detect transaction risks, predict space weather, social behavior, etc. Dr. Shaikh has many publications during his tenure as PhD and post-doctoral researcher in Computational Physics.

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