Watch the Top NLP Talks from ODSC Europe 2020 for Free Watch the Top NLP Talks from ODSC Europe 2020 for Free
Data in the form of text is increasingly commonplace. Businesses have plenty of text-based surveys and emails to plow through, researchers... Watch the Top NLP Talks from ODSC Europe 2020 for Free

Data in the form of text is increasingly commonplace. Businesses have plenty of text-based surveys and emails to plow through, researchers often use social media posts for analysis, and so on. It should be no surprise that NLP is becoming a must-have skill set for data scientists looking to move the needle in regards to research or their career. In regards to NLP talks, ODSC Europe 2020 had a plethora of options.

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At ODSC Europe 2020, the NLP track was quite popular, with talks covering the technical side of transformers, the use of NLP in healthcare settings, and more. Below, you can watch four of the most popular NLP talks from ODSC Europe 2020 for free when you log in to our AI+ training platform.

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Talk 1: State-of-the-Art NLP Made Easy with AdaptNLP: Brain Sacash (Lead ML Engineer) and Andrew Chang (Senior ML Engineer) | Novetta

This tutorial will provide quick and easy access to a variety of embedding schemes for downstream use using AdaptNLP. The ability to stand each of these tasks up as a service for easy integration into existing workflows and applications becomes fast and straightforward.

Talk 2: Spark NLP for Healthcare: Lessons Learned Building Rea-World Healthcare AI Systems: Veysel Kocaman, PhD, Data Scientist | John Snow Labs

Veysel reviews case studies from real-world projects that built AI systems using NLP in healthcare. These case studies cover projects that deployed automated patient risk prediction, automated diagnosis, clinical guidelines, and revenue cycle optimization. He also covers why and how NLP was used, what deep learning models and libraries were used, and what was achieved. 

Talk 3: Building an Industry Classifier With the Latest Scraping, NLP, and Deployment Tools: Ido Shlomo, Senior Data Science Manager | BlueVine

This presentation will cover the entire development pipeline hands-on: Crowdsourcing a tagged sample, building a smart and scalable web scraper, prepping and feeding the resulting raw data into BERT, fine-tuning the model, and finally deploying it as a cloud-based service behind an API. Both model training and deployment will be through Amazon SageMaker.

Talk 4: Transformers Know More Than Meets the Eye: Michal Chromiak, PhD, Director, R&D | UBS

Recent research shows that transformer-originated architectures for computer vision often tend to be simpler and provide performance at worst on pair with modern architectures such as RCNNs used for the computer vision tasks. The presentation is going to discuss recent research in the area of transformer applications in new domains.

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Attend live training sessions on NLP at ODSC West 2020

Interested in learning more about NLP and other hot topics in data science live? Check out ODSC West this October 27-30 and learn more NLP skills and case studies. Some talks include:

Deep Learning-Driven Text Summarization & Explainability: Nadja Herger, PhD, Viktoriia Samatova, and Nina Hristozova | Thomson Reuters

Advanced NLP with TensorFlow and PyTorch: LSTMs, Self-attention, and Transformers: Daniel Whitenack, PhD, Instructor | Data Dan

State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing with Spark NLP: David Talby, PhD, CTO | Pacific AI, John Snow Labs



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