Why Attend Conferences, ODSC Europe Why Attend Conferences, ODSC Europe
Attending ODSC Europe 2017 is a great opportunity to improve your data science skills, listen experienced practitioners explain the industry’s trajectory,... Why Attend Conferences, ODSC Europe

Attending ODSC Europe 2017 is a great opportunity to improve your data science skills, listen experienced practitioners explain the industry’s trajectory, meet like-minded people working in Data Science, and meet the core contributors of prominent machine learning projects. It is an opportunity to join the vanguard of the data science, machine learning, deep learning, quants finance, and data visualization fields.

It’s also your chance to accelerate your education and dive into the Data Science Wave alongside 1500 attendees interested in Data Science, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Data Visualization. At ODSC Europe you will enter new territory, train, and immerse your team in the newest tools, techniques, languages used in data science.

If you’re on business in Europe and aren’t the type to speak at ODSC Europe, you’ll surely benefit from the 75 talks and 28 hands-on workshops available. If you are a developer working on data analysis, want to learn how to use Deep Learning, if you want to expand your ability to implement machine learning solutions, if you are new to data science and want to know more about algorithms and applications, then do some research and plan to jump start your education in London this October. Our application allows you to curate your three-day course of tutorials, workshops and talks in six focus areas.* Check out ODSC East application for an example. ODSC Europe offers 10 half or full-day training sessions, 28 hands-on workshops, and 75 talks given by over 90 speakers, and the opportunity to connect and share experiences with some of the 1500 attendees.


  • Open Data Science: With some of the best and brightest minds in data science presenting, get the latest insights, trends, and discoveries in data science languages, tools, and topics. Expose yourself to some of the most innovative ideas in the world of data science, while learning first-hand from core practitioners and contributors.
  • Machine Learning & Deep Learning: In these sessions experts gather to discuss the latest advances, trends, and models in ML and DL. Attend talks, tutorials and workshops and hear from the creators and top practitioners as they demonstrate and teach the latest models and trends to solve problems in business and society.
  • Data Science for Quants Finance: simply learn Data Science Skills for Quant Finance.
  • Data Visualization: Explore the beauty of visualization brought to you by the world’s most creative minds. Learning to communicate insights revealed in data to decision makers.
  • Data Science Research: See where the future of the industry is going. Hear from top academics and researchers as they deliver talks on the latest developments in key focus areas of data science.
  • Data Science Kick-Starter: Learn the essentials to get started on your data science career and connect with top companies hiring data scientists and related roles.


Attending conferences is an investment in your career. Give yourself the time to get acquainted with the tools, languages, techniques, algorithms, and people important to the future of Data Science. You will not be the same after leaving at the end of this 3-day conference.

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