Why You Should Attend a Virtual Expo Why You Should Attend a Virtual Expo
Solutions to a business’s problems aren’t always limited geographically. One of the benefits of many conferences going virtual is that it... Why You Should Attend a Virtual Expo

Solutions to a business’s problems aren’t always limited geographically. One of the benefits of many conferences going virtual is that it opens up the doors for many individuals to find the answers to their questions and problems online, and to interact with solution-providers that they wouldn’t have considered before. In fact, there are several benefits to going to a virtual expo hall that may help you push your business to the next level.

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Convenience removes barriers

Distance and time-committed are often barriers for many when it comes to attending events. Virtual effects effectively remove those barriers, as they’re completely online, and often are a bit more flexible in regards to timing. For instance, the virtual expo floor may be available 24 hours during the week of the event, meaning you can check it out when it fits your schedule best.

Virtual demos and booths

A popular component of expo halls is the demo theater, where attendees can see some upcoming products and services in-action, see use cases, and hear directly from the people in charge how you can implement these new developments in your business. Virtual expo halls are no different, as there are virtual demo halls with live-streamed presentations, resources to learn more about these products, and the ability to see how your business can benefit directly too.

Expanding locations

Platform providers shouldn’t be constrained by location. Expanding to a global network of solutions may be overwhelming to handle in person. With online access, it’s easier to retain that information and build broader connections. You also don’t have to choose trade shows to attend simply because of location. If you’ve always wanted to see what solutions are available in your industry but were put off at the thought of international travel expenses, a virtual option puts you right in the action.

Networking from home

Again, these are not static web pages. Virtual expos are dynamic. You can attend live talks with audience interaction, exchange information at the click of a button, and go home with all the materials you need to make your decision.

They’re designed to remove barriers to access that traditional venues struggle to overcome. If you’re unable to travel because of cost or logistics, you don’t have to. If you struggle to walk through an event venue because of a disability or an injury, you don’t have to worry about access.

New leads – globally

Every industry is dynamic, changing constantly to meet the needs of society as it moves forward. Picking up every few months to attend a trade show puts a strain on budgets and planning, however.

A virtual option allows managers to attend shows regularly while minimizing the disruption to their company. Stopping in for a quick look around becomes seamless. Managers can digitally trade information, review materials, save chat streams, and download materials – all for later review. 

Managers can keep up with the most current state of the industry and catalog information directly from their work desk. Later, when opportunities arise for new solutions or problem-solving, everything is categorized and easy to find.

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Attend the ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual AI Expo Hall

Whether you’re looking for a solution or want to get yours in front of an engaged audience, a virtual expo is a streamlined experience designed to deepen connections and remove barriers to access. They reduce the cost of travel and set up and lead to more significant ROI because of those reduced costs.

This September 17-18, you can attend the ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual AI Expo Hall and get all of the resources you need to push your business to the forefront of the AI movement. With 16+ demo theaters, 5 networking events, and 30 partners showcasing their products, you’ll learn more about platform and solution providers from around the world, network with other AI decision-makers, and see what’s trending in the world of data science and AI.

Here are a couple of demo theater presentations that you can check out with more to be announced:

  • “First Aid Kit for Data Science: Keeping Machine Learning Alive” – Véronique Van Vlasselaer, PhD, Decision Scientist | SAS
  • “VerticaPy demo: Building a prediction churn model using random forest & logistic regression” – Badr Ouali, Head of Data Science | Vertica

The ODSC Europe 2020 Virtual AI Expo Hall will feature more great content from leaders in AI. Stay tuned for more information from solution providers like Redhat, HPCC Systems, IBM, Julia Computing, KNIME, and more.

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